Niubiswap x Crypto Talks AMA Recap

Mr.EL shared us the Details about ‘


‘ and it’s Unique features… ⭐

Hello Mr.EL welcome to our community, I’m glad you here to join the AMA today! :) Before we proceed, please introduce yourself to our community :)

Hi everyone, I am EL representing Niubiswap / Polyniu I am admin and project manager for Niubiswap and Polyniu and here to spread the word about our platforms so you guys are able to join us for the ride

1️⃣ Introduction about NiubiSwap

▪️Could you describe NiubiSwap and give us an introduction to the project?

🔸Niubiswap and it’s sister project Polyniu are Automated Market Makers which allow you to swap compatible tokens with pairings on their respective AMM’s. Users can also earn passive yield by staking NIU and Polyniu, bringing extra forms of utility to the project.

🔸Users can provide liquidity and earn on their contributions to the LP’s or earn passive yield by staking your tokens in our various pools.

▪️That’s interesting! Now tell us, What are your main features that distinguish you from other projects and what competitive advantages do you have?

🔸We are different because of our low emissions and upcoming Cross Chain compatibility. Being on both BSC and Polygon, we are able to expand our outreach and initiatives to different scalability solutions which also opens our networking opportunities. We hope to be on every major smart chain by our end game vision.

🔸In addition, the focus for building and expanding the NIU ecosystem is revolving around building some casino games into our platform to add game theory and luck to the equation!

🔸These games also provide incentives for those who don’t participate, as tokens will be burned and this will decrease sell pressure!

▪️Nice one!, So,How has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far?

🔸Our team members are extremely experienced in different roles and departments. We have top of the line developers along with writers, community mods, investors, marketers, content creators, and more!

🔸We are also a diverse team with our members based throughout the world. This allows us the capability to speak in many different languages which allows us to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds regardless of the communication barriers.

▪️Are you working on any partnerships or marketing initiatives to help build awareness for your platform?

🔸We are always looking to expand our outreach through mutual partnerships that benefit all of the parties involved.

🔸In the past, we have partnered up with other AMM’s and other tokens that can be staked and farmed. We’ve utilized these types of partnerships before and they’ve been beneficial for us in the past.

🔸We also want to introduce a farming and staking contest where the investor who invests and farms the most will be rewarded. This contest will be featured in BOTH our Dex Niubiswap and also polyniu on matic chain.

▪️What are the future development plans for NiubiSwap?

🔸Currently we are focusing on integrating our new AMM, Polyniu, deeper into Polygon and bringing more accessibility from Niubiswap holders via a cross chain bridge.

🔸This is something that will take time, but we have more efforts ongoing to help bring more traffic to both ecosystems.

🔸We are thinking of doing a virtual poker tournament or contest for users of both ecosystems to win prizes that will line your pockets and support the community. We will actually have our poker tournament freeroll at 5pm UTC, join our group for more details. We want to bring fun casino games to our NIU ecosystem to increase burns.

🔸We are also looking into other lottery based and bounty campaigns to help keep the community happy and earning. While still actively looking for partnered tokens in respective chains to create more partnerships and join AMAs to spread our platforms in both BSC and Matic chains.

▪️And lastly ,How safe is your staking farm? Is there any reviews regarding with your staking platform?

🔸Our Niubiswap dex is very safe as we have been in the yield farming space for over 6 months and without any problems with hacking and we also had successful migration. Polyniu, our sister platform was just audited by rugdoc and is declared safe.


Q1. I read that #Niubiswap and #NiubiswapDEX are two separate entities that will have different prices and APY? So can you talk a bit more about it? Also, when can we expect you to build a #bridge that can connect and bring equality to the network?

This is a good question but we wanted to just clarify that; Niubiswap and Polyniu are two separate entities with different prices and APY. Right now they reside on their own chain BSC and Matic networks and we want to be one of the first DEX to make a bridge for both to be traded in the future, also adding more networks like Sol and ETH etc in the future.

Q2. I would like to get more complete information about HONGBAO, that is, some relevant data such as it is, what is its role within the NiubiSwap ecosystem, what functionalities it plays, what benefits it provides to the NiubiSwap community and ultimately what does “HONGBAO” mean?

In Chinese, hongbao is a term that translates to ‘red pocket’ and is a gift from one to another during the holidays, especially during the New years. Hongbao is integrated into our platform in both Niubiswap and Polyniu as rewards for staking in the farming pools. As a metaphor for our platform ‘gifting’ rewards to the investors for staking and farming with us.

Q3. NiubiSwap is totally inclusive and egalitarian with all users whether they are of different nationalities or on the contrary because it is the Chinese AMM that is mostly preferred by the Asian community only to provide services to this Asian community?

We plan on expanding our focus, but initially we were focused on the Asian markets. We found that we shouldn’t just focus on Asian market but with our team’s diverse backgrounds. We should focus on expanding worldwide and in China as that was one of our primary target audiences as we have a diverse team that can communicate in different languages such as English, French and Chinese and we wanted to use our diverse background to our advantage.

Q4. How much governance will be given to users? The community that so much intervention will be able to have in NiubiSwap?

Great question, Niubiswap is a community driven platform and that’s what we want to convey to the investors and holders. We have our own Snapshot DAO where holders of NIU are able to post their opinions in the direction of the Niubiswap and the winning votes will get executed. We value all our holders as we had a fair launch so we see this a community platform not just founders and everyone else. Holders all have a voice on Niubiswap.

Q5. Something that caught my attention on your platform is “Initial NIU Offerings” (INO) , so can you explain what INO is on NiubiSwap and how community members can participate in this? What are the advantages of following INO here?

INO is the exact same thing as IDO where we are able to help launch new companies through our trusted platform and get the exposure they normally wouldn’t get launching on their own. We have launched an INO previously and have gained enormous amounts of experience and we are ready for more. If anyone out there that has a good idea and token, dm me and we can work something out :)


Q1.Security & User Interface is the most important aspect that users see on a platform. NiubiSwap has performed on this platform. Is this platform suitable for newbies in the crypto world?

We pride ourselves for security as we feel its our priority in keeping the holders funds safu and having a positive environment for people to farm and stake. Niubiswap has been around for more than 6 months (in defi age we are old) we haven’t experienced any security preaches. Our new matic farm polyniu was just audited by rugdoc and received positive scores so we are safe there also.

Q2. Where can we buy $Niu?

You can buy our token on our dex
Price and market cap is low and tons of room to grow so its very attractive.

#NIU (bsc)

#polyniu (matic)

Q3.Have you applied to list on COINMARKETCAP and COINGECKO already? If yes what is the status of it now?

Niubiswap are already listed on CMC and Coingecko

however Polyniu is not listed YET but we have already applied but we also got good graded in rugdoc

Q4.#NiubiSwap is a decentralized project-driven and shaped by the community. So by holding your $NIU tokens, does it mean we can have the rights to govern the #NiubiSwap’s System? If so, can you name some of the #NIU’s governance rights?

As mentioned in the earlier parts of AMA, by holding NIU you are able to post votes for the community to vote on. So if there are things you like or dont like about the direction you can voice your opinion and the community votes on whats best. This is great because the community will always wants best for themselves and token.

Q5. Does NiubiSwap differ from Polyniu? If so what makes the difference?

Niubiswap and Polyniu are two separte tokens on different networks but managed by the same team. Niubiswap has been around for more than 6 months and in the coming roadmap we are building casino games and free poker tournaments to join for get free #NIU. These games will help burn NIU tokens in supply to help increase the prices with constant burns.

Polyniu on other hand is a newer token with high APR where people can enjoy with their staking in our farms and pools.

We will be having staking and farming contest for the holders that farm and stake the most of our tokens.

We will also have our freeroll poker tournament today at 6pm UTC . More details in our group chat. Come join us for the ride




Niubiswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) which runs on Binance Smart Chain

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Niubiswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) which runs on Binance Smart Chain

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