Deflation Proposal Results

The NIU community has spoken loudly with their unanimous decision, we will reduce minting per block by 20% from 10NIU/block to 8 NIU/block. Second month will also decrease by 20% and third month will decrease by 10%. Ultimately reducing by 50% by the end of the third month from 10NIU/block to 5 NIU/block.

The decision was reached on voting in our governance snapshot and in our telegram group.

The decrease in minting will start on block 6377000. Refer to the link to see the countdown.

We wanted to expedite the decision because we sense the urgency in the community and it was negatively affecting the price. We understand this move can decrease the APR in our pools but it was a necessary action that has to be implemented for the betterment of Niubiswap’s future.