Cryptocurrency Security Precautions

To the Niubiswap Community,

We wanted to address a big issue that has seemed to arise in the cryptocurrency space. Scammers are out there looking for anyway to gain a little bit of free crypto, and we’ve gotten reports about fake admin accounts asking NIU holders for their wallets and other information.

First and foremost, when you are using any sort of crypto wallet, whether it be a software wallet, exchange wallet, or hard wallet, you need to save your private keys. Write them down. Twice. Thrice. Never save your seed phrases on any sort of device, as these phrases or private keys are susceptible to bad actors and poor security. Yes, I’m writing this in bold because if you do anything after reading this article, this is it. I recently gave myself a mini heart attack when I thought I lost my Metamask private keys which held all the BitcoinSoV (BSoV) I mined. All 32,000 were almost lost forever, and the feeling I had was more than awful. Until I remembered I wrote my phrases down, of course.

Secondly, NEVER give anyone your private keys. Ever. In addition, no legitimate person looking to help you would ever ask for your account information or private keys. This includes Niubiswap Team members or admins. Niubiswap Team members or community admins will never reach out to you and ask you for money or information regarding your cryptocurrency wallets at any time.

If you have received any kind of messages relating to the above warning and information you should ignore it and report it to whichever social media application or website you are using. Also, do not click links or open files from individuals you are not familiar with or do not trust, as they can contain malware or other harmful software.

We appreciate your time in reading this info. It’s important to us at Niubiswap that we do whatever we can to keep you safe and informed on what’s being noticed in regards to phishing and scamming campaigns. Stay safe and happy Farming!

Best Regards,

The Niubiswap Team

Niubiswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) which runs on Binance Smart Chain